Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for prior 学习

M State students may apply to obtain course credit based on previous relevant life, 学习, military and work experience. The experience shall be from non-credit and experiential settings, recent and relevant, and of satisfactory performance.

The maximum number of credits awarded for prior 学习 may be up to one-third of the number required for the student's major or program. College credit granted will be based on the demonstration and/or documentation of relevant college-level 学习, not solely on hours of experience. Experience must meet outcomes identified in the college-approved program or course outline.

Demonstration or documentation of prior 学习 experience must be germane to the outcomes identified in the college-approved program or course outline required by the student's major or program.

The college considers recency as relevant college level 学习 experiences that took place no more than five years prior to the student's application for prior 学习 credit. Recency requirements may vary by major or program as determined by faculty.

Students may submit self-employment and/or volunteer experience for consideration. The program or major faculty will establish criteria for evaluating such experience on a case-by-case basis. Faculty will establish criteria for evaluation.

Per Minnesota Statute 197.775 Subdivision 2, the college will award credit for training or service in the military if the courses meet the standards of the American Council on Education (ACE) or the equivalent.

Prior 学习 credit awarded for college-level 学习 shall be noted on the official student transcript with a grade of CR. These credits may not be transferable unless the student completes an AA or AS degree. A CR grade is not included in computing the student's GPA.

A non-refundable fee will be collected for each prior 学习 credit being requested.